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About Me

My name is Satyam Singh, I am an Upcoming SWE!
When I am not Coding, You can find me Sketching. 🔭
Likes to write correct software, read sci-fi and watch colourful movies. 🌌

  • Open-Source
    Open-Source Contributor
  • Learning In Public
    Sharing and Documenting my Tech Journey
  • Blogger
    Weekly Blogging on Hashnode,, and Medium
  • Self-Taught
    You can call me "Internet made Coder"
  • GSSOC'23 Contributor
    Contributor at GSSoC'23
  • SSOC'23
    Social Summer of Code 2023 Contributor
  • EddieHub Member
    Member at the EddieHub organization
  • 2018-2019
    High-School at L.P.C
  • 2020-2021
    Intermediate at Modern Academy
  • 2021 - Current
    B.Tech(C.S.E) 2nd Year Student at BBDITM Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh